Corporate Health Workshops

Corporate Health Workshops

Helping corporations retain great people.

As many companies are well aware, optimal performance is contingent on the health and well being of their employees. Given Expatriates are often in high paid, senior managerial positions and recruitment is expensive and competitive, their health and well being is particularly crucial for success.

Recent studies clearly indicate that sick days and underperformance due to psychological distress are vastly increasing amongst corporate team members. This trend is even more evident amongst Expatriates who have left their home country to work in often demanding and challenging, international assignments.

Expatriates are more prone to burnout, depression, anxiety, etc. Consequently, performance levels dissipate and if these psychological issues are not attended to, the Expatriate may even require returning to their home country early, thus, resulting in an assignment failure costing the individual and the company a substantial financial loss.

Another major contributing factor for an assignment failure is not the Expatriate employees themselves but their families. Often, expatriates come to their new assignment with their partner and children and their families find it difficult to adjust to their new environment. Thus, the Expatriate faces not only the pressure of their new job, but also the pressures of a discontented family unit, leading to immense psychological distress and underperformance at work.

The psychological stress that expatriate employees and their families experience during the course of relocation and the time thereafter often goes unnoticed by employers. We acknowledge how hard it is for organizations to provide all of the support required to keep talented expatriates at peak performance. Therefore, we have developed a series of workshops in response to the needs expressed by our Expatriate cliental. They include:

» Managing Culture Shock
» Recognizing and Avoiding Burnout
» Cultural Sensitivity for Managers
» Tools for Families Abroad

While professional relocation services are certainly helpful for Expatriates and their families, they often don’t address the issues that result in Expatriates returning home. In our experience, these complex issues run deeper and can 
be effectively managed with psychological interventions. 
 By providing the correct tools, our therapists help coach Expatriates to thrive in their new international environment. The benefits for corporations include:

» Increased staff retention
» Healthier, more motivated and effective expatriate employees

» Lower illness rates leading to reduced 
personnel costs

To find out more about our workshops or to speak with us about tailoring a solution to meet your needs, please send us a message through our Contact Form to the left or call our office in Munich: +49 (0)89 340 86 588 or in Frankfurt: +49 (0)69 297 24 327