Therapy Option

Individual Therapy

For adults 18yrs and up


Why have Indivudual Therapy?

Clients typically seek individual therapy when they find it difficult to cope with personal emotional problems, issues or concerns. Therapy is a means to gain deeper insight into one's self by identifying emotional needs, fears and desires that linger beneath the surface.

The goal of individual therapy is to help the client gain clarity, while developing viable coping strategies to improve one's emotional health and wellbeing.

Which issues are commonly addressed in Individual Therapy?

While there are certainly other issues that are addressed in individual therapy, the list below depicts some of the most common problems clients experience:
Issues regarding feelings of anxiety
Body image concerns
Grief and Loss
Relationship Conflicts/Concerns
Sexual, Physical, Emotional abusive experiences
Culture shock-inc. loneliness and isolation
Maladaptive Stress
Self-Esteem and Self-Worth Deficiencies

How to book a session?

Sessions for individual therapy are approx. 50 mins and typically held once per week. On occasion, a client might require a longer session or more than one session per week. To book in for a session, you can contact us through the Contact Form to the left or book an appointment through the PsyShrink Bookings Calendar.