Phone Therapy

Online Therapy & Phone Therapy: Sunrise

What is Phone Therapy?

Clients speak to a qualified online psychologist to get help with their psychological problems, questions and concerns, via land line, cell phone, mobile phone or Skype phone. Thus, Phone Therapy allows for individuals to seek the help they might need in a convenient and confidential manner.

How does Phone Therapy work at PsyShrink?

Clients having Telephone Therapy simply schedule an appointment through the PsyShrink Bookings Calendar. The therapist contacts you at the scheduled appointment time on your landline telephone or mobile phone / cell phone and then discusses with you your concerns and/or problems for approximately 50 mins. This means you do not incur any additional charges on your landline telephone, or mobile phone / cell phone.

The amount of individual Phone Therapy sessions you might have is dependent on a number of factors, including the nature of your concern/problem, if you are committed to change, and/or if you feel you are reaching your therapeutic goals or not. Some clients only require a single session to discuss a specific problem or concern. Other clients have regularly scheduled appointments each week for several months. While there are others who schedule appointments as needed to discuss their concerns, questions and progress when they feel it is necessary.

If you are interested in having Telephone Therapy, you can contact us through the Contact Form to the left or directly book an appointment through the PsyShrink Bookings Calendar.

What are the benefits of Phone Therapy?

Phone Therapys allows for voice and hearing to be the man modalities your therapy is focused on. Thus, the some possible physicial distractions are made obsolete. It also is helpful if you experience anxiety in social situations, suffer from poor self-esteem or depression by allowing you a means to get help with out having to leave your home. Further, phone therapy is particularly beneficial for individuals who:

• Do not have access to a therapist nearby
• Are anxious or embarrassed about going to therapy
• Do not have the time to get to and from a therapist's office
• Travel extensively for work
• Live in a foreign country and do not speak the language
• Can not get to a therapist due to lack of mental or physical capability
• Are depressed and unmotivated
• Have small children at home and are the primary care giver

What are some limitations of Telephone Therapy?

You should keep in mind that technologies can fail to function properly at times. Cell phones and mobiles can 'drop out' and landlines can have disruptions. It is also important that privacy be maintained during your therapy, thus, you would need to be in a private space where no one could over hear your conversation. For more information on ethics and privacy in Phone Therapy, please follow this link.

IMPORTANTLY, Online Counseling and Phone Therapy are not suited to address all psychological concerns and are considered less intensive treatment options. These forms of therapy should not be used as a form of crisis intervention. If you are in crisis and feel that you are a risk to your self or others, then you need to immediately contact a local authority. For links to hotlines that may be in your area, please follow this link.