Kelly Robinson-Treutler, Therapist

Kelly Robinson-Treutler, Art Therapist and Cousellor, Munich Practice

Online Therapy and Phone Therapy: The Therapist

My name is Kelly Robinson- Treutler and I am South African. My qualifications include Art Therapy and Education, Councelling and Psychotherapy (HPG) for childen, adolescents and adults. I offer both individual and family therapy sessions.



Education and experience

I gained a Bachelor degree in Fine Art with honours from the University of Cape Town. I then went on to study General Psychology, Child and Adolescent Development, Personality Theories and Abnormal Psychology.

In Cape Town I gained experience volunteering in a prison psychiatric ward and an orphanage, where I worked with adolescents coming from abusive homes. In 2008 I lived in America, where I did an exchange program whilst studying Psychology.

I have been living in Munich since 2009, where I completed my Art Education and Art Therapy degree, followed by a diploma in Counseling and Psychotherapy. While studying, I have had several years of teaching experience with children between the ages of 3 and 14. I also worked as an art therapist in an adult drug addiction clinic in Munich.

I am recognised by the German Health and Environmental Department (Referat für Gesundheit und Umwelt) and am a registered “Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie” (natural health professional in Psychotherapy).

As a therapist one can never stop learning, which led me to participate in several advanced training courses in professional development. Some of these include anatomy and physiology, sexual abuse, sex education, family communication, early multilingual development and children with behavioural problems.




The areas that I specialise in can be treated in a traditional spoken- therapy or art therapy setting. In some cases a combination of the two can be very effective. For a more detailed look at my therapeutic methods please follow this link:
•    Creative expression workshops
•    Self-esteem issues/ poor body-image
•    Stress release
•    Psychoeducational and supportive sessions for the partners or relatives of those suffering  with psychological disorders.
•    Anxiety disorder: adaptive disorder namely culture shock, grief, divorce…
•    Neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders
•    Depression
•    Concomitant Therapy for addiction
•    Chronic fatigue syndrome (Burn- out)

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