Viola Drancoli, Psychologist, Munich Practice

Viola Drancoli, Doctor of Psychology (California School of Professional Psychology, USA), Munich Practice & eTherapy

Online Therapy and Phone Therapy: The Therapist

My name is Viola Drancoli, I am a clinical and forensic psychologist licensed by the State of New York (Lic:020598). I offer psychological services such as individual therapy, crisis intervention, couples counseling and consultations. My specialty includes sexual behavior problems (assessment, diagnosis, treatment, consultation for relatives).




I am available on Fridays and Sundays, and for evening sessions during the week. Please make an appointment through our online booking calendar or send me a message through the contact form to the left..



Qualifications and Experience

I have lived and worked in Europe and the US, and have a bi-cultural background. Being interested in current research, I have presented at conferences and given oral presentations at the UN, focusing on cultural issues in global trauma response by NGO workers. I received my education (BA, MA) at California State University in Los Angeles, and completed my doctoral program (MA, PsyD) and clinical training at the California School of Professional Psychology, USA.

I worked in Los Angeles, New York City and now in Munich with adults and adolescents from different cultural backgrounds and from all walks of life. My experience involves working in forensic settings, community mental health clinics, for the psychiatric mobile response team (Emergency Outreach Bureau) and in private practice. I also acted as a media consultant for an award show in Los Angeles, rating shows and advising on the accurate portrayal of mental health issues in movies.


Affiliations and Areas of Expertise

I am a member of the APA (America Psychological Association), CPA (California Psychological Association), BDP (Bund Deutscher Psychologen), ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers) and ACFEI (American College of Forensic Examiners International). I adhere to the APA Code of Ethics.


Therapeutic Style

My primary orientation is psychodynamic, with a focus on the humanistic existential school of thought. I am also certified in MBT (Mentalization Based Therapy) through training at the Anna Freud Center in London. I work with individuals who may experience:

• Sexual behavior problems (deviant sexual interests, paraphilias)

• Issues around sexual orientation and Identity

• Domestic Violence and Abuse

• Trauma

• Depression and Anxiety

• Existential Questions (aging, illness, loss and grief)

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