Therapy Options

Individual Therapy

Why have individual therapy?

Clients typically seek individual therapy when they find it difficult to cope with personal emotional problems, issues or concerns. Therapy is a means to gain deeper insight into one's self by identifying emotional needs, fears and desires that linger beneath the surface.

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Marriage Counseling / Couples Therapy

Why have Couples Therapy?

Couples typically seek therapy when they are experiencing emotional problems in their relationship that they are finding difficult to resolve on their own.

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Family Therapy

Why have Family Therapy?

Clients typically seek Family Therapy when they are experiencing problems and concerns that are difficult to resolve on their own. Family therapy is a means to open the doors of communication and gain an understanding of how best to relate to one another in resolving persistent problems and concerns that are causing excessive stress within the family dynamic.

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Child & Adolescent Therapy

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

Parents typically seek therapy for their child or adolescent when s/he exhibits constant behavioral problems, emotional issues and / or experiences a traumatic event (e.g., sudden death of a loved one, divorce or separation of parents, move to a foreign country, change of school).

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Solution-Focused Coaching


At PsyShrink, we offer individuals and companies 1:1 coaching services with the specific goal of normalizing and educating on particular issues particularly facing expat populations, such as:

What you need to know before you go: Preparing mentally for the expat life

Understanding and managing the effects of Culture Shock

Burnout Prevention: Maintaining and increasing productivity

Strategies for success in a high-pressure position

Life path trajectory: Making positive choices for future achievements

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Online Support Groups

Free Online Support Group for Improving Self-Esteem

Self-esteem heavily impacts the way we live our lives. It affects our work, our relationships, our parenting, and our ability to deal with stress in general.

Low self-esteem can make us feel pessimistic about everything: life, future, and, above all, oneself.

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