Corporate Health

Solution-Focused Coaching


At PsyShrink, we offer individuals and companies 1:1 coaching services with the specific goal of normalizing and educating on particular issues particularly facing expat populations, such as:

What you need to know before you go: Preparing mentally for the expat life

Understanding and managing the effects of Culture Shock

Burnout Prevention: Maintaining and increasing productivity

Strategies for success in a high-pressure position

Life path trajectory: Making positive choices for future achievements

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Manager Assistance Service

Helping Managers to Manage

Managers in today’s corporate world are required to manage a variety of situations every day. Many of these situations are related to the running of their business or organisation, but sometimes managers are required to deal with complex people issues that are outside of their realm of expertise or knowledge.

In these times, Psyshrink offers a confidential telephone or Skype advisory service for managers dealing with difficult or complex people issues. Some specific examples of situations for which managers seek assistance include:

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Corporate Health Workshops

Helping corporations retain great people.

As many companies are well aware, optimal performance is contingent on the health and well being of their employees. Given Expatriates are often in high paid, senior managerial positions and recruitment is expensive and competitive, their health and well being is particularly crucial for success.

Recent studies clearly indicate that sick days and underperformance due to psychological distress are vastly increasing amongst corporate team members. This trend is even more evident amongst Expatriates who have left their home country to work in often demanding and challenging, international assignments.

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