Manager Assistance Service

Manager Assistance Service

Helping Managers to Manage

Managers in today’s corporate world are required to manage a variety of situations every day. Many of these situations are related to the running of their business or organisation, but sometimes managers are required to deal with complex people issues that are outside of their realm of expertise or knowledge.

In these times, Psyshrink offers a confidential telephone or Skype advisory service for managers dealing with difficult or complex people issues. Some specific examples of situations for which managers seek assistance include:

» A high performing staff members has been acting very strange and out of character. How do I manage and what do I do to look after this employee?
» I have been told that one of my employees is suicidal. What do I do to help this employee? How do I look after the employee’s concerned colleagues?
» How do I handle a difficult performance conversation with one of my employees?
» How do I talk to my team about a major change that will affect them?
» An employee is returning to work after suffering a major depressive episode, how do I help her return to work successfully?
» A popular senior executive has had a serious car accident on the weekend, in a critical condition and may not live. How do I break the news to our employees? How do I best support the employee and his family?

How to use our Manager Assistance Service?

Simply send us a message through our Contact Form to the left or call Psyshrink on +49 (0)89 340 86 522 and ask for an appointment. You will then be provided with a telephone or Skype appointment during business hours on the day of your call.

At the time of your appointment, you will be called by one of our experienced psychologists who have expertise and experience in managing difficult people issues. You will then have the opportunity to talk to the psychologist about your concern or problem. You will then be provided with specific strategies to manage your situation with the best possible outcome in mind.

Your Psychologist will then make a follow up call to see how you managed your situation and will provide further advice and support if required.