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Couples Therapy

Relationship Counseling


Why have Couples Therapy?

Couples typically seek therapy when they are experiencing emotional problems in their relationship that they are finding difficult to resolve on their own.

Couples therapy is a means to open the doors of communication and gain an understanding of how best to relate to one another in resolving persistent problems and concerns that are causing excessive stress on the relationship.

Which issues are commonly addressed in Couples Therapy?

While there are certainly other issues that are addressed in couples therapy, the list below depicts some of the most common problems clients experience:

Poor Communication
Lack of Trust
Fear of Commitment
Intimacy Issues
Constant Fighting

How to book a session?

Sessions for couples therapy are approx. 80 mins and typically held once per week. To book in for a session, you can contact us through the Contact Form to the left or book an appointment through the PsyShrink Bookings Calendar.