Therapy Option


For Individuals and Companies


Why have Coaching sessions?

At PsyShrink, we offer individuals and companies 1:1 coaching services with the specific goal of normalizing and educating on particular issues particularly facing expat populations, such as:

What you need to know before you go: Preparing mentally for the expat life

Understanding and managing the effects of Culture Shock

Burnout Prevention: Maintaining and increasing productivity

Strategies for success in a high-pressure position

Life path trajectory: Making positive choices for future achievements

Advantages of 1:1 Coaching Services

For Individuals:

Improve performance and achieve goals

Tap into personal development opportunities

Acquire more ownership and responsibility in work and life

Increase self-awareness and self-confidence

Develop clarity in roles and objectives

Correct performance and/or behavior problems

For Companies:

Unearth a broader range of employee talent and potential

Motivate staff intrinsically

Increase creativity and knowledge

Provide the foundation for higher organizational performance, and thus, productivity

How to book a session?

Coaching sessions are offered our Munich city center location or via webcam worldwide. To book in for a coaching session, please send a message through the Contact Form to the left or book an appointment through the PsyShrink Bookings Calendar.